Jigsaw Activities

In order to help people regain their self esteem and put their lives back together, Jigsaw believes that it is important for people to have a real focus in their lives. Boredom is seen as a major obstacle to recovery, so that if opportunities can be created to fill this void, it can only be good for the individual and the communities in which they live.

Membership of Jigsaw offers the opportunity to take part in a wide range of recreational and social activities, hobbies and pastimes – and, although our historical funding may have been lost, we are continuing to research other avenues of financial support in order to continue with our extensive activity programme.

In the meantime, members are being asked to contribute a small amount towards the cost of minibus fuel so that we can continue to undertake the less expensive recreational elements of the programme – which will illustrate the value our members attach to the continuation of the groups.