Establishing ways and means of creating a better future for our members is integral to our philosophy, and is seen as vital to developing and fulfilling people’s lives. Our ambition is to provide access to work opportunities, training and courses as well as volunteering, whilst providing them with a fulfilling range of interventions that support their health and wellbeing.


Work Related Building Projects

Recognising the difficulties our members experience in obtaining employment because of their individual histories, we have been particularly anxious to explore avenues for creating work opportunities for those with a criminal history. This might well include the enhancement of existing skills gained whilst in custody and would essentially involve the creation of a dedicated construction industry workforce offering opportunities allied to property redevelopment and refurbishment projects. The creation of links to builders prepared to work with service users, as well as Housing Associations and Local Authorities could have the added benefit of creating additional accommodation to meet the needs of those in our community.


Community Welfare

Anecdotal evidence supports our concern that the families of those receiving custodial sentences are often left with little in the way of support for the various predicaments they might face, even though they are likely to be innocent victims. It remains our objective to pursue avenues that will enable us to provide support for these families, working in collaboration with partner organisations as appropriate.